What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?



What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?

Each interview is an experience for every individual. There are freshers and experienced candidates who appear before an interviewer. Here, we will discuss the most asked interviewing questions and its answers. Don’t forget to greet the interviewer and wait until they permit you to enter the cabin and to sit. The question and answers will help you to crack the interviews in Dubai. Go through them or contact us to know more…


What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?

What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?

How would you describe yourself?’ Or ‘tell me about yourself?’ Or ‘introduce yourself?

These questions are the trickiest ones to make you comfortable and to analyze your verbal skill. In gulf interviews or anywhere in the world, this is the typical question you will be asked. For freshers, answer with your educational qualifications and technical skills or weightages including internships, if any. For experienced employees, describe your job profile and major projects, in which you are confident and that are required for your job position for the interview.

Why did you leave your last job? (for experienced employee)

This question is exclusive for experienced candidates. So, answer by making a positive impression on the interviewer or HR panelists. You can avoid your personal or professional rivalry in your past employment. Highlight the new job as a new opportunity or a new challenge, whenever you attend a job interview in the UAE.

Are you trying for any other jobs?

This question is to catch your interest in the job and the company. Answer the question genuinely, if you have applied to any other companies. Because it is easier for them to find it. However, make sure that you don’t explain much and just explain it as mere submission of a resume, whenever you attend an interview in Dubai.

What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?

Why this organization and not others?

Research well regarding the company and more significantly on their services. Make sure you answer honestly and clearly. Impress the panel with your advanced efforts, which will acknowledge your sincerity. Even look for pronunciation of the company name and its motto. Learn about the establishment of the company and its background. Talk about the long term goals with confidence and honesty.

What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?

What is your expected salary?

Instead of giving a proper figure of your salary details, explain about your expertise and previous salary. Then let them know your current knowledge level and make them feel that you expect more. Then inform the Dubai recruiting team that the salary package is negotiable and it is based on the position, task and the employment time. If they gives you a salary range, then politely approve it or just negotiate with them.

What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?

Where do you place yourself after 5 years, if you are placed here today?

Be confident with your answer! Tell them what positions you expect in your promotions. Make them have a good impression by stating that you love to be part of the firm for the longest term. Your research on the company and the positions will be analyzed alongside your capability and communication skills

What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?

How long will you work with us?

Answer that ‘I would like to work for a long tenure’ or ‘I would like to work for a long time, until I can bring value and growth to this organization’. Never answer it with a definite number or a tentative future probability.


What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?

Tell me, why should we hire you?

What are the Most Asked Questions in an Interview 2023?


Explain your expertise that suits the organizational structure and the particular job position. Always emphasize on your strong points and skills. Explain your willingness to dedicate your sincere service for the upliftment of the company’s interests.

what are the most asked questions in an interview

What is your strong point or rather what are you capable of?

Impress the gulf interviewers about your strength as a team player, hard working nature, smart work under work pressure, leadership capability and most significantly your character to do all assigned tasks in a timely manner.

What will you do if you make a mistake, if you are hired?

Humans are bound to make mistakes, but it is wise to learn from them and to correct them. You can answer it personally for instance ‘If I am hired and made a mistake then my chief responsibility is to accept it and to rectify it’. Sometimes the answer might not satisfy the employer, then explain to them how you will correct it in the stipulated time or your ideas on a given circumstance. Always explain your priority towards the organization and gulf interviewers are keen on this aspect.

Why did you choose Dubai?

Go through the advantages of working in Dubai and explain to the Dubai recruiter about the high employability and employer friendly attitude of the Dubai government. Even emphasize your desire to work in the particular company.

How confident are you to find a job here?

Tell them how much you researched about the organization and explain your strengths that can be used for the growth of the company.

Can you work on other branches (if any) or to work overtime or on a shift basis?

Your prior research will help you to answer these questions. Check if the company has branches, also verify the company function timing. Sincerely reply, if you can work overtime or on rotational shifts.

What is your shortcoming?

Never answer that professionally by stating your workaholic nature. Because the recruiting team will consider it as your wise counter. Instead tell them, your necessity to sleep six hours, need for a day break every month to refresh, jealousy of opportunities etc. Dubai interviews are more realistic.

Do you have any questions?

This is a catch! Always look at the eyes of the employer and raise a few work related queries. Yes! When you research about the organization, always find some questions, so that you can naturally address them to the panel. This will make a good impression on them. Remember, it shows your interest in the company and the Dubai recruiting agency will be happy to hear your input and related queries.

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